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The Future of Risk Management

Posted on Mar 23, 2017

How do we manage risk in future? As traditional banking is turned on its head by FinTech and the acceleration of digitalization, how are we innovating to meet the expectations of both the market and supervisors?

These were two of the questions discussed recently at Fintegral’s 31st Expert Forum in Frankfurt. Speakers from Commerzbank, Bergmann & Kopp, and DekaBank outlined the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Commerzbank’s Head of Operational Risk & ICS, Jens P. Falke, described the introduction of the Standardised Measurement Approach (SMA) as an opportunity to better track operational risk by giving banks the opportunity to separate their operational risk management from their operational risk measurement. Christopher Mann of Bergmann & Kopp talked crypto-currencies and the transparency of blockchain, and Nils Wilhelms, Head of IT Processes and Compliance at DekaBank, outlined how technology is both challenging and assisting IT risk management.

Fintegral’s Expert Forums provide an environment in which practitioners and specialists can discuss the latest trends in risk management. Our next event will be held on September 14, 2017.

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